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per aspera ad infiri, per aspera ad astra.

you can’t divide by zero


Let’s talk about the ratio of successful surgery fundraisers for trans masculine vs trans feminine people. I personally have seen a handful of successful surgery fundraisers go thru but never even one for any amab person I am aware of. I had a donation post once and the small amount of money it generated was used to deny me medical assistance despite my making half the poverty line. Let’s talk about the fact that men get what they want, often at the expense of meeting women’s need for resources. Let’s talk about how hard it is to transition without resources. So many trans women have needs that aren’t being met. Split nothing up six ways we all get nothing. The ratio described above is impossible to resolve or an infinitesimal too small to register on a statistical basis. If you could afford surgery what would you have done? Its a cruel joke because as a broke disabled trans woman I will never be able to afford surgery. The advocacy and outreach and inquiries I have been doing out of hope have been completely fruitless. You won’t respond or reblog this because it affects you and it hurts too much, or because you benefit from this and don’t want to rock the boat.

connor, just assume whenever i post anything parkour related i’m thinking of you ;D

connor, just assume whenever i post anything parkour related i’m thinking of you ;D

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This is my still doesn’t have adequate health care or social services face

lavi and i think you look bootiful 2day <333


"The Birth Of Suburbia" by Rosaleen Ryan.

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